By completing this form, you will have a good idea of your dominant tridosha, ie if you tend vatha or pitta or kapha, but of course it is a general trend that can change depending on your lives. Only the diagnosis by an Ayurvedic physician (vaishya) will be really reliable.

Assign a score from 0 to 3 in each box and make the total. 0 = never true, 1 = sometimes true, 2 = often true, 3 = always true







Changing, depending on the circumstances

Good, often big. I have to eat regularly

Good or small. I may skip a meal

Money, property

I do not get attached to the property and easily share

I only spend money for specific purposes

It gives me insurance, I can save easily


Fine, dark, dry

Blonds, reflets roux, qui grisonnent rapidement

Thick, undulating, fat, numerous

Constitution childhood

Slim, slender

Medium weight, sturdy body

Chubby child, (a little) round


Light, delicate

Middleweight, athletic

Round, heavy, chunky


Irregular, sensitive stomach, flatulence, hard stools

Intense, tendency to diarrhea, stool once or twice daily

Difficult, slow, regular, thick stools


Fast, changing, easy

Energetic, high, rigorous, determined

Quiet, firm, melodious, uncertain


Vagabond, active, rich, ideas, unstable

Excellent understanding, insightful, planner, opinionated

Persevering, calm, deep, slow


I am often undecided, I have trouble getting involved

I make quick and impulsive decisions

I hesitate a lot, I'm afraid of risk, I only act after careful consideration

Food habits

Fresh, light, dry foods

Hot, hot, spicy, fatty foods

Cold, heavy, solid foods


I like spending time with my friends, but also alone

J’aime les concerts; les soirées dansantes, aller partout où il se passe quelque chose

I always stay at home, I like board games, and restaurants with friends

Hands, feet

Small, thin fingers, flexible joints, visible veins

Average height

Tall and big, strong joints


I learn and I forget quickly, bad memory in the long term

I record well, very good memorization

I am slow to understand, good long-term memory

Main motivation in life

Freedom (spiritual), want to live new experiences

Achieving set goals, seeing results

Accumulate and keep things of value, live in safety

Movements, gait

Fast, light, flexible

Dynamic, lively

Slow, set, heavy


Dry, fine, rough, matte

Clear, slightly oily, tendency to have spots, freckles, liver spots

Soft, thick, easily bronze


I lose weight easily, and grow up with difficulty

I lose weight and get fat easily

I get fat easily and slowly lose weight

Health problems

Nervous and digestive disorders, various pain and discomfort, tendency to remain in recess

Fever, rash, eczema, heartburn, inflammation due to hyperacidity, temper tantrums

Colds, too much phlegm, lymphatic stasis, sclerosis, oppression



Well proportioned

Powerful bust, thick bone

Reaction to stress

Nervousness, anxiety

Tension, annoyance, frustration

Gives the impression of calm but inwardly

Solving of porblems

I postpone their resolution

I face them

I ignore them willingly or solve them after thinking


Sensitive to noise and touch, good hearing

Good eyesight, lynx eyes, good observation

Sensuality, smell and taste developed. I like bodily pleasures


Light, discontinued

Difficult sleep, but good sleep

Deep and long sleep


I move freely, and play sports according to my mood, never extreme sports

I like sports challenges, extreme sports

If I play sports, it's mainly because I'm driven by my reason


Changing, ups and downs, it's not vital

Ambition, search for performance and success

It's important because it's the tradition; want to own

Job, work

I do not like routine; I would like to decide myself about my schedule

I like to plan and would like to be chef

I like repetitive and regular tasks


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