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Ayurveda is a traditional medicine, considered as an alternative medicine and recognized as such by the World Health Organization since 1982. It is increasingly associated - for certain pathologies - to allopathic medicine to form what is now called integrative medicine.

Its history dates back well before Christ, some assume that the old text are older than 4000 years ..

It is therefore very important, and everyone's responsibility, not doing too easily amalgam between the use of the word Ayurveda for commercial purposes, and what actually is Ayurveda. If there is less talk of Siddha Medicine of Tamil Nadu, it is that it is more in the form of medicines to swallow, while Ayurveda uses the body as a whole to communicate with the individual.

If you plan to make an ayurvedic cure, know that this is a great way to strengthen your potential immune system and even limiting or eliminating certain ailments, but it is by no means a cure wellness or relaxation. The induced effect of the treatment will certainly be a physical and psychological relaxation, but not without a cell involvement sometimes quite toned.

On the other hand, Ayurveda without a well studied nutritional support does not exist. Food destroys as much as it cares.

When we hear about Ayurvedic massages, this implies the word massage, but what we use to call "massages" doesn't really exists in Ayurveda : Abhyangam, uzichil or thirunam, etc ... are mainly application methods performed by the therapists hands on the patient's body, hands sliding over the body with oil - or liquid - impregnated active substances. Sometimes they rely on some "marma" points according to the doctor prescription. But muscles are not in the game, or very few ...

By cons if you go to a spa and massages which offers "Ayurvedic" or care borrowed "visually" in ayurveda, it will look like from afar, but it's really an offense to consider that it is Ayurveda.

In fact they are relaxation techniques or drainage (when it comes to massages) which have been attached the exotic "label" "Ayurveda". This is very damaging to Ayurvedic medicine, but few people have the intellectual honesty to check whether they are told fakes.

So, if you go to a "spa ayurvedic" (and you will also find some on this site, even if it seems contradictory) just know that this is not genuine Ayurveda, but some techniques borrowed and adapted to market wellness . However, this can have a certain quality, which is why there is no reason deny them, but it is not Ayurveda, it is "ayurvedised SPA".

If you go to an ayurvedic resort, you find people and proper techniques for good Rejuvenation (re synchrony of bio-energy), and in some cases you can cure diseases (panchakarma itself has an immediate impact on many pathologies, without you attack them), in addition to Purvakarma and Panchakarma, this episode is called Pashatkarma care.

Ayurvedic medicine does not require heavy hospital equipment, and therefore the expertise of the physician is sufficient. The results in these centers can be excellent for rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, insomnies, back problems, etc. ... but for really heavy pathologies, it is better to go to a hospital where the real Ayurvedic issues are often discussed.

In conclusion, do not make your choice of a center on arguments exclusively commercial; Ayurveda has become a business, in some cases, there is no inconsistency, but according to your requirement, rather than health-wellness or be holiday-welfare, the selection criteria should be refined and you must be well-advised.



Most centers organized to receive tourists offer packages for panchakarma treatments or detox, or rejuvenation. All of this revolves around the idea that nothing can be done without clean, detoxify the body.
A week, it is not enough, from two weeks you start to get good results. Do not forget that if you see care "catalog", like a la carte menu, it doesn't mean that the doctor will allow you to make your own choice; he will not prescribe a patchwork therapy, that's really for marketing reasons, to feed the curiosity of tourists. In some cases, it is even not recommended by authentic vaidyas .
Panchakarma is a five-regeneration method briefly explained at the end of this link.



1 - full "dhara pot" (q.v.)

Center 100% ayurvedic (only people for treatments there)

2 - split "dhara pot"

Resort with one vaidyasala (true Ayurveda, but melted clients, veg and non veg food, etc...)

3 - "dhara pot" with the word SPA

(non-medical personal care, therapeutic techniques borrowed from Ayurveda - Shirodhara or abhyangam for example)

There is generally no medical diagnosis by vaidyas (ayurvedic doctors). Oils are not personalized, it can, however, give an idea of the tools used by Ayurveda.

4 - SPA alone

SPA with no ayurveda


5 - "dhara pot" with a H

Ayurvedic hospital or clinic (with or without accommodation)

NB :authenticity, for us, means medical competence.

The authenticity as "exotic atmosphere" with old smells and Indianness for tourists, it is another story ...


Yes and no.

In fact, rejuvenation is mostly renovation, regeneration, re-energizing.

This course has a beneficial effect on our aging cells, but it is not itself the task that corresponds to the "anti-aging", for that there is Rasayana Chikitsa, which is in addition to the Panchakarma.



Ayurveda is a medicine, not a collection of relaxation techniques, even if there is sometimes confusion.

Welfare requires immediate effect, with a feeling of relaxation and calm, which is not always the case in Ayurveda.
Many treatments in Ayurveda - which incidentally are not given by chance, but according to a strategy to improve and balance the overall system of energy circulation - are challenging and tiring.

It is more honest to speak about betterness, ie a health investment over the medium and long term. There is indeed in the weeks following a better protective immune response, remission or even cure of chronic pain.

Nothing to do with a bubble bath ...



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